The Joy of Six is an annual wargames show devoted to 6mm wargaming. It offers a refreshing change to any small scale gamer who wants to see the best that the scale can offer, and is an eye-opening experience for those who think that 6mm scale wargames are the poor relation of the table top gaming world. 

Starting from a handful of games at the initial small show in 2013, the Joy of Six is now an established event drawing attendees from not all over the World. The show itself has a unique atmosphere; busy, enthusiastic and overwhelmingly friendly. The emphasis is participation with most of the games falling into this category. The Joy of Six also has a couple of items unique to itself in the form of the Sunday Morning Grill where the Baccus team get interrogated about all aspects of the gentle art of making toy soldiers, and the Afternoon Panel, where a group of hobby luminaries answer questions from the floor about all manner of wargame related subjects.

The show has earned a fearsome reputation for the quality of games on show, the diversity of subjects covered and the friendliness of those putting on displays, trading and attending.    This year's event will be taking place on Sunday July 14th at Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB.    Doors will open at 10.00 am and we will be kicking everyone out at 4.00pm.   

PLEASE NOTE: We have been asked by the university to point out that their excellent catering facilities are now cashless. All food and drink must be paid for by card. The nice thing about this is that leaves you with more cash to spend with the traders.

 Entry fee will be £4.00 for adults and £1 for children.



Every year, on the day before the Joy of Six show, Baccus opens its doors and runs tours around the workshop. It's a great way of peeking behind the scenes and learning just what goes into the production of all the tiny tabletop warriors.

It's FREE to attend, but places are limited. You can book and reserve your place(s) by following this link,

or emailing us at or calling us on 01142724491.

If you are planning to visit Sheffield for JOS24, why not make a weekend of it?




Confirmed Games for
JOS 2024
Presenters  Title   Type   
SeaBee Games Tank Hunting for Tigers P WW2 Eastern Front, autumn 1944.  Games-mastered.  One player, or two co-operating, play the Germans.  Player(s) must find and knock-out Russian T34s.  Russian actions are die-roll determined.  Lines of sight and fire play a crucial role
Doncaster Wargames Society The Great Emu Wars P

The EMUs won the first round now the army is back for revenge.
Lots more EMUs and LOTS more army, hopefully lots more fun.

James Hamilton English Civil War D  
Dan Hodgson Remember the Alamo! P Refight the Siege and final last stand at The Alamo with 6mm figures at 1:1 . Can Travis hold out against Santa Anna before Houston arrives with the relief force?
Charles Rowntree Bloody Omaha P Land on Omaha, blow the obstacles, breach the wire, clear the mines, fill in the ditches, destroy the bunkers, eliminate the defenders, open the draws and get off the beach. An epic participation game recreating the whole of Omaha Beach. Arrive early or you might find you're landing on Dog Green.
Winterpig/Rapier Quest for the Golden Fleece P Be a Hero, even if it is all Greek to you.
Go through 7 stages on the Island of the fleece, meeting challenges and overcoming challenges (Game may contain Talos, Hydras, Harpies, etc.).
COGS Le Cateau, August 1914 D The game will only include part of the battle with the British Expeditionary Force attempting to hold off the German army's assault after the retreats from Mons and Charleroi.
Legion of Blokes Battle of Guarda D Historically, the 6th Corps under a panicking Loison abandoned Guarda, allowing the Allies to pursue the French to Sabugal. This game has Ney not leaving for Paris and has stayed in command of 6th Corps at Guarda. He now needs to hold the Allies at Guarda for the best part of a day while 2nd and 8th Corps and the baggage concentrate at Sabugal.
Friends of General Haig WW2 Western Desert D Italy and Britain are fighting to gain superioty in the Desert in 1940-41. This game reflects the struggle as armour sweeps back and forth across the table. The RAF may even turn up!
Luton Lancers American Civil War P Using a forthcoming set of rules using the CCC system (Also used for Mortem et Gloriam and Renatio et Gloriam). We will be putting on a scenario game based around a battle during the American Civil War
Cold War Commanders Red Storm Rising P A Cold War clash for Iceland inspired by the book Red Storm Rising
James Wright A Puente too far D A Peninsular War battle using Black Powder rules, showing how the rules can easily be adapted from 28mm down to 6mm. The scenario pits an Anglo-Portuguese army against the French, as the latter tries to cross a major river and enter into Portugal to help achieve the Emperor's aim of total control of the Iberian Peninsular. Hundreds of Baccus Napoleonic figures on a lovely Spanish table.
Jan-Willem Boots When Alexander met Darius P Arguing when… Alexander met Darius is a participation game using the Arguing when… wargame rule system. It will pit Alexander the Great against Darius III on the fields of Gaugamela. Arguing When… wargame rules are an adaptation of the strategic-level MATRIX wargaming concept developed by Chris Engle in the late 1980s. Today these are on the rise outside the hobby community. For example in the military where they are used for analysis and training purposes. The name of this type of wargame is derived from the list of keywords (the MATRIX) that describe what is relevant in a particular scenario.
Luton Lancers Mortem et Gloriam - The Crusades P A game of Mortem et Gloriam using the PACTO rules variant. Set during the Crusader period.
MAD Gamers The Battle of Dorking D Invasion literature (also the invasion novel or the future war genre is a literary genre that was popular in the period between 1871 and the First World War (1914–1918). The invasion novel was first recognised as a literary genre in the UK, with the novella The Battle of Dorking: Reminiscences of a Volunteer (1871), an account of a German invasion of England, which, in the Western world, aroused the national imaginations and anxieties about hypothetical invasions by foreign powers; by 1914 the genre of invasion literature comprised more than 400 novels and stories.
Here is MADGamers hypothetical reenactment of this hypothetical invasion.
COGS Sengoku Jidai - The Warring States P Our game is a fictional representation of clan warfare in Renassaince era 16th century Japan, taking its name 'Sengoku Jidai' (The Warring States) from a similar period of civil war in China. We will be playing Bob Cordery's 'The Portable Pike And Shot Wargame Rules' fast play system, specifically the section on Japanese battles. The board is laid out in a grid pattern, similar to the 'To The Strongest' wargame rules, to ease movement, missile fire and combat. Table size is 4ftx3ft, and terrain is minimal. For this game we are developing additional rules for turncoats, treachery, backstabbing, and various other ploys used in the era. This is a participation game, and our home brew quick reference sheets are available for the game.
Milton Keynes Wargames Society The Bridge at Gunthers P The Charge of the Black Horse Cavalry, 5th August 1985. The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment counter attacks against a Soviet crossing of the River Ulster.
Hobby Support Group Cheriton 1644 P Playing Big Base Battalia English Civil War game. This is a game designed to show how anyone can build and put on a game without being a hobby wizard and we can all enjoy the joy that is massive battles with huge units of tiny figures.
James Mitchell and Friends Talavera 1809 P Wellesley vs Victor under the burning Spanish sun. Can the Anglo-Spanish army, occupying a strong defensive position, repel the French onslaught.
Three Shires Wargaming Banzai! P Age of the Country at War in the Sengoku Jidiai Japanese era.
Per Broden, Nick Dorrell and Wyre Forest wargamers Crossing of the Duna, 1701 D A very different engagement during the Great Northern War. A river crossing supported by a smoke screen of burning boats, guns firing from a ship, artillery positions from the walls of Riga and floating gun platforms. The initial force of Swedes, lead by Charles XII, need to establish a bridge head to allow the completion of a pontoon bridge for the rest of the force to cross the Duna river. Will the Swedes be able to get the foothold and withstand the initial attacks and get the pontoon bridge finished before the Saxons and Russians are organised. Please do come along and play for a few turns, (yes, it's a demo game, but please do join in and play), and/or have a chat.
Peter Ball Undaunted: Battle of Britain P Battle of Britain by Osprey Games.
Robert Dunlop Battle of Soissons, 1918 P The game features the major combined arms attack near the French city of Soissons in July 1918. Large numbers of WW1French tanks supported French and American troops delivered a major counter-attack, which threatened to cut off the German Salient formed during the 1918 Spring offensives. The battle was a major turning point in the war. It put the Germans on the defensive for the remainder of 1918.
Colin Wilcock Fleurus 1794 P It's Summer 1974. After two years of warfare in Flanders, the Armies of the First Coalition plan to strike the French forces besieging Charleroi. A win for the Coalition will open the road to Paris and present the chance to stop all this revolutionary nonsense and restore order to Europe. A Coalition win will also protect Holland, ripe for revolution.
Brigade Models Hammer's Slammers D A 6mm clash between armoured mercenary forces in David Drake's Hammerverse. Hosted by Crucible rules author and Miniature Wargames editor, John Treadaway.

Confirmed Traders for
JOS 2024

Company Website
Baccus 6mm
Phoenix Games Studio
Rapier Miniatures
Mick Hoe (Leven)
ROK Minis
Scotia Grendel
Heroics & Ros
Brigade Models
Commission Miniatures
Rob's Scenics




For those of you travelling by car, there is plenty of on-street parking near to the venue at reasonable rates, plus an NCP car park within comfortable walking distance.